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We have resumed normal weekday walks from the Tin City Park-n-Walk parking lot and our Saturday walks at the Gordon River Greenway.  Monthly Lowdermilk Beach and Marco hills walks have also resumed.  See the Event Calendar for details.

Naples Walking Club
"We Walk for the health of it!"
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Here are some tips to keep you safe when walking 


  • BE VISIBLE. Wear light colored clothes at night, walk in well-lit areas, and make sure motorists/bicyclists see you before you enter the roadway.
  • Stay off electronic devices, especially when crossing.
  • Obey traffic signals and signs. Follow the traffic laws.
  • Only cross at crosswalks or intersections. Don’t jaywalk.
  • Do not assume vehicles will give you the right of way.
  • Walk on the sidewalk whenever possible. When sidewalks are not available and you must use the road, walk against traffic.
Click on this button to view Florida Pedestrian Regulations: Florida Pedestrian Regulations